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Working together to help Mother Earth in restoring her beauty and natural resources

Our journey is to open the heart, to embrace Mother Earth and to listen from that deep place of inner rhythm and connection to the sacred I AM

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In Search of the Great Balance

In Search of the Great BalanceBy Janis RozeEvolutionary Moment of TruthThe world condition is urging ...

Equinox of 2018

The GREAT BALANCE and the MAMOS of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Invite you ...

The Antivenom Project

The Antivenom ProjectThe purpose of this initiative is to obtain antivenoms to save the lives ...


Bicultural and Bilingual Education Program from Pre-K to the Indigenous University Objectives To enhance the ...

Circle Of Dreams

We call the work the Great Balance, but who is “we”? Who is doing the work?
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