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Juan Torres Villafana

Es necesario no cansarse de pensar que si es posible, que cambiemos la forma de mirar nuestra mas preciado tesoro. La sierra nevada de santa MartaPosted by Gelver Zapata on ...

The Antivenom Project

The Antivenom Project The purpose of this initiative is to obtain antivenoms to save the lives of children, adults and elders in the communities. Snakebite is a major cause of ...


Bicultural and Bilingual Education Program from Pre-K to the Indigenous UniversityObjectivesTo enhance the personal, cultural and professional development of Indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Starting in ...

Circle Of Dreams

We call the work the Great Balance, but who is “we”? Who is doing the work?
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The Great Balance’s projects address education, sustainability, the environment and the culture of the Sierra.

Working together to help Mother Earth in restoring her beauty and natural resources

Our journey is to open the heart, to embrace Mother Earth and to listen from that deep place of inner rhythm and connection to the sacred I AM

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Donations to save the heart of the word. Individual contributions help us to ensure that the Anti-venom Bank, maintains a constant reserve of units at different parts of the Sierra ...

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We welcomes donations on Laptops that favor the access to online, higher education of young indigenous students Donate Goods The Great Balance welcomes donations on Laptops that favor the access ...


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